Corporación Vidarium, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Research Center

Corporación Vidarium, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Research Center

Grupo Empresarial Nutresa has been building a relevant experience in research. The evolution of this management generated the need for a knowledge platform in terms of nutrition, health and wellness, from scientific activity aimed at competitiveness, differentiation, innovation and social responsibility. As a response to this challenge, Corporación Vidarium, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Research Center, was incorporated on April 21, 2009.

Network Management with the scientific community

  • A Center of this nature must recognize innovation as a process characterized by networking, through mechanisms of technology transfer and knowledge generation. Its work falls within the guidelines of scientific cooperation among the various members of this community, contributing to the development of the region and improving its quality of life

Research experiences

Since its creation, Vidarium has focused management on building capabilities that allow the development of its purpose, for which it has had the support of the University of Antioquia Advisory Council and University of Antioquia’s research groups, allowing it to begin participating in collaborative research projects, as well as the formation of human resources.

The first experience materialized with the participation as a co–investigator group and tutor of a Master’s Degree student in the project “Metabolic syndrome in a group of young excess weight: Identification of risk factors and evaluation of an intervention,” lead by the University of Antioquia Research Group in Food and Human Nutrition (Grupo de Investigación en Alimentación y Nutrición Humana, GIANH). With this same group, Vidarium participated in the formulation of several projects, including “Effect of ancestral genetic makeup and environmental factors, on associations of variants in candidate genes and diagnostic quantitative needs, endophenotypes of diseases that characterize metabolic syndrome in a sample of the Colombian population,” derived from the first project, results of which are still being published.

Later Vidarium led the pilot study on “Intestinal Gut microbiota and nutritional status,” in partnership with the Universidad de la Sabana and formulated a project on the subject of antioxidants, in which the CES University Cardiology Group, the University of Antioquia Research Group in Food and Human Nutrition, and the Center for Edaphology and Applied Biology of Segura (Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura, CEBAS) (Murcia, Spain) participated as co–investigators.

Interaction with society

Vidarium participates in generating and validating knowledge in networks with a variety of experts in diverse geographic regions and with the conviction that results should go beyond the walls of the entity that produced them to reach society.


With the opening of this portal, we generate a new space for this interaction.

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