Dubán Ovidio González Álvarez


Dubán Ovidio González Álvarez

Food Engineer MSc


Food Engineer, Lasallian University Corporation; Master in Engineering, Health and Food with emphasis in nutrition in nutrition, food and health benefits, Institut Polytechnique LaSalle, Beauvais, France.

Doctoral student in Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences, University of Antioquia
Co-Tutors: Juan Sebastián Escobar Restrepo and Katalina Muñoz-Durango
Project: Biotransformation study of the bioactive components of cocoa products as a tool to understand their bioavailability

Topics of Interest:
Antioxidants, in vitro and in vivo models, functional foods, intestinal microbiota, bioavailability, transcriptomics, chronic non-communicable diseases

Research lines in which he participates:

  • Modulation of oxidative processes
  • Food modulators of the microbiota