Jelver Alexander Sierra Restrepo

Jelver Alexander Sierra Restrepo

Pharmaceutical Chemist MSc. & Ph.D.

Coordinator of the Food Components and Other Substances Research Line

Pharmaceutical Chemist and Masters in Biology with emphasis in Carcinogenesis, University of Antioquia; Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Diploma: Research and development of products to meet public health needs, University of Nagasaki, WHO/TDR, Japan. Post-doctoral studies in Materials Characterization through Advanced Analysis Techniques, Federal University of Santa Catarina

Topics of Interest:
Obesity, metabolic syndrome, clinical studies, disease models, inflammation, biomarkers, toxicity studies, natural products, cell biology, nanotechnology.

Research lines in which he participates:

  • Food components and other substances
  • Modulation of oxidative processes
  • Food modulators of the microbiota