Juan Sebastián Escobar Restrepo

Juan Sebastián Escobar Restrepo

Biologist MSc. & Ph.D.
Coordinator of the Microbiota Food Modulators Research Line


Biologist, University of Antioquia; Master in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology and Ph.D. in Evolution, Ecology, Genetic Resources and Paleontology, Montpellier II University, France.  Post-doctoral studies in Molecular Evolution (National Institute for Agricultural Research, INRA; Mauguio, France; and the Institute of Evolutionary Sciences, ISEM; Montpellier, France, as well as the University of Toronto, Canada) 

Topics of Interest:
Microbiota, obesity, chronic non-communicable diseases, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants

Research lines in which he participates:

  • Food modulators of the microbiota
  • Modulation of oxidative processes