The microbiome is now recognized as a key factor in maintaining health and developing disease. The microbiome, defined as the set of microorganisms, genes and genomes, is a complex system closely linked with processes of digestion, xenobiotic processing and regulation of physiological processes. Imbalance in this microbial community has been shown to contribute to the deterioration of health; its modulation is one of the most promising avenues for personalized medicine and nutrition.

The Microbiome & Health Symposium 2017, organized by Vidarium and Grupo Nutresa, with the support of Ruta N and Corpoica, was held on March 13 and 14, 2017, in Edificio Ruta N. The event aimed to explore the relationships between microbiome and health from a variety of approaches, including technical aspects of data analysis, the relationship between microbiome and changes in lifestyle, diet, childhood obesity, as well as its modulation with prebiotics, among others.

The event was attended by leading researchers in this field from national and international institutions: Johns Hopkins University (Noel Mueller), City University of New York (Levi Waldron), J. Craig Venter Institute (Andrés Gómez), University of Wisconsin – Madison (Federico Rey), Maastricht University (Marisol Aguirre), Universidad de los Andes (Alejandro Reyes), Corpoica (Alejandro Caro and Andrea Paola Clavijo), Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Luz Elena Botero), Universidad del Norte (Homero San Juan), EAFIT University (Nicolás Pinel) and Vidarium (Juan Jacobo de la Cuesta and Juan Sebastián Escobar). The event was attended by 134 people from 18 institutions, including public and private universities, research centers and companies.

Microbiome & Health Symposium 2017

  • Date: March 13 – 14, 2017
  • Place: Auditorium 1, Edificio Ruta N
  • Sponsors: Grupo Empresarial Nutresa, Ruta N, Corpoica
  • Guests:
    • Noel Mueller (Johns Hopkins University)
    • Levi Waldron (City University of New York)
    • Federico Rey (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    • Andrés Gómez (J. Craig Venter Institute)
    • Marisol Aguirre (Maastricht University)
    • Alejandro Reyes (Universidad de los Andes)
    • Alejandro Caro (Corpoica Tibaitatá)
    • Andrea Paola Clavijo (Corpoica La Selva)
    • Nicolás Pinel (EAFIT University)
    • Homero San Juan (Universidad del Norte)
    • Luz Elena Botero (UPB-CIB)
    • Juan Jacobo de la Cuesta (Vidarium)
    • Juan Sebastián Escobar (Vidarium), Organizer