Symposium: gaps and opportunities in research of products with health function claims

Description of the activity:

The research and development of foods and ingredients with proven effects on human health constitute a field of opportunities and scientific challenges for the agri-food industry that require the integration of various disciplines converging in the application of technologies to discover the potential bioactive compounds, clinically validate their safety and effectiveness, and assure their quality as a transversal integrative concept of the entire chain. This symposium addresses the dynamics of research in this field, covering the search for novel sources of ingredients or bioactive compounds, product development, and strategies for the search for biomarkers to assess clinical outcomes in human health.


Main objective:

To provide integrated knowledge to the academic scientific community and actors of the agri-food industry on the gaps and opportunities in the research of foods and ingredients with health function claims, focusing on topics that promote the valorization and use of the natural richness of our country and also attract research interest in this field.



Rafael Álvarez Quintero Ph.D (Universidad CES)

Paola Zapata Ocampo Ph.D (Universidad CES)

Carolina Castellanos Ph.D (Instituto Humboldt)

Katalina Muñoz Durango Ph.D (C.I Vidarium-Grupo Nutresa)

Jelver Sierra Restrepo Ph.D (C.I Vidarium-Grupo Nutresa)

Sebastián Escobar Restrepo Ph.D (C.I Vidarium-Grupo Nutresa)

Oscar Lara Guzmán Ph.D (C.I Vidarium-Grupo Nutresa)

Edison Osorio Durango Ph.D (G.I GISB-U. de A.)

Cristina García Viguera Ph.D (C.I CEBAS-CSIC España)

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