Participation in ASIC 2014

Participation in ASIC 2014

From September 8 – 13, 2014, Vidarium participated in the XXV International Conference on Coffee Science “ASIC2014,” which was held in Armenia, Colombia.  This event takes place every two years and brings together specialists from around the world working in the various fields of coffee science and technology, providing the opportunity to share and compare their research, while contributing to generating science and knowledge about coffee.

ASIC.  The International Scientific Association of Coffee (Association ScientifiqueInternationale du Café), founded in 1966, is the only independent organization in the world through which its international conferences offer specialists from different disciplines the possibility to share their work and identify possible partnerships, which foster generating more knowledge about coffee.

During the event in the Coffee and Physiological Effects; Coffee Chemistry; Agronomy, Plant Genomics and Crops; Quality; Climate and Adaptation; Pests and Diseases; and Sustainability thematic rooms, 84 conferences were presented on research in the different topics, which permit visualizing the state of techniques in coffee, constituting a unique opportunity to exchange scientific knowledge, thus consolidating the networks even more.

Vidarium participated in the Coffee and Phy+-siological Effects thematic room with the oral presentation “The chronic consumption of filtered coffee with phenolic compounds improves the antioxidant capacity of plasma without affecting the lipid profile and the vascular function in health adults.  A clinical trial,” by Researcher Katalina Muñoz, Ph. D.


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