Efecto de una intervención con ejercicio físico y orientación nutricional sobre componentes del síndrome metabólico en jóvenes con exceso de peso.

Introducción: las intervenciones con ejercicio físico y orientación nutricional muestran cambios en el exceso de peso en jóvenes con el síndrome metabólico (SM); sin embargo, sus características y resultados son diversos. Objetivo: evaluar el efecto de una intervención con ejercicio...

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Variants in genes of innate immunity, appetite control and energy metabolism are associated with host cardiometabolic health and gut microbiota composition

Identifying the genetic and non-genetic determinants of obesity and related cardiometabolic dysfunctions is cornerstone for their prevention, treatment, and control. While genetic variants contribute to the cardiometabolic syndrome (CMS), non-genetic factors, such as the gut microbiota, also play key...

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Oxylipin regulation by phenolic compounds from coffee beverage: Positive outcomes from a randomized controlled trial in healthy adults and macrophage derived foam cells

Oxylipins are considered biomarkers related to cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). They are generated in vivo via the oxygenation of polyunsaturated fatty acids as a result of oxidative stress and inflammation. Oxylipins are involved in vascular functions and are produced during...

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